14 September 16

Athletes, get registered for War of the WODs! Great way to get rid of “first competition jitters”. Home court advantage! SPOTS ARE LIMITED. Let’s do this!


L-Sit Holds (Accumulate 5 min total time)

12 min AMRAP of:
“Partner DT”
12 Deadlifts (155/105) Rx (105/75) Scale
9 Hang cleans
6 Push Jerks

2 Min AMRAP of:
Partner Double Unders (One Partner working at a time)


14 September 6


This event will be done with a 6 minute running clock and has two parts. Each part will be scored as a separate event.

Part 1: Each team has a stack of 6 plates. A barbell will be placed 35m away. At 3, 2, 1… Go, one member of each team will pick up 1 plate and sprint down to place it on the barbell. They will then sprint back, tag their partner who will then pick up a plate and sprint it down placing it on the bar. Once the last plate has been assembled on the barbell, both clips are put on, and the final team member sprints back to the finish line, time will be marked. The 6 minute clock will not stop. Teams will then rest until the 4 minute mark.

Part 2: At the start of the 4 minute mark, each team will do as many Deadlifts as possible with the remaining 2 minutes. Teammates can rotate in and out at will to achieve as many reps as possible. Only 1 teammate works at a time. These are NOT partner Deadlifts.
For instance, if it takes your team 2 minutes to complete the “assembly” portion of the event, then your team will have 2 minutes of rest until the 4 minute mark hits. At that point the Deadlifts begin.

Rx Men: 6 – 45lb plates
Rx Women: 6 – 35lb plates (35# bar)
Scaled Men: 2 – 45# plates, 4 – 35# plates
Scaled Women: 3 – 25lb plates, 3 – 15lb plates (35# bar)



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