Monday 13 November

A. Gymnastics Pulling
Option A – Athletes working on building their Ring Muscle-Up capacity
Option B – Athletes working towards consistent MUs or their first

Option A
3 Rounds
4-10 Ring Muscle-Ups
1:00 Light Row
2-7 Ring Muscle-Ups
*Rest 1:00 between rounds*

Option B
Alternating EMOM
Even Minutes – 2 Strict C2B Pull-Ups + 3 Strict Pull-Ups
Odd Minutes – 5 Strict Ring Dips
*Band as needed*

B. Back Squats – E2:00
3 Tempo Squats @ 60%
2 Tempo Squats @ 70%
1 Tempo Squat @ 80%
10min to establish a 1RM
*Tempo = 3s Down, 2s Pause in Bottom, Explode Up*

60 Double Unders
15/10 Calorie Row or Bike
15 Overhead Squats  (115/80)

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