Week of February 18 – February 24


For Time: (30min cutoff)
75 Wallballs
35/25 Calorie Assault Bike
–Directly Into–
6 – 9 – 12 – 15:
Strict Pull-Ups (RX+ Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, not strict)
Hand Release Push-Ups (RX+ Kipping Handstand Push-Ups)
Goblet Squats 53/35 (RX+ Goblet Squats 70/53)

CE – Back Squat
5 Repetitions @ 70%
4 Repetitions @ 75%
3 Repetitions @ 80%
1 Repetition @ 84%
1 Repetition @ 87%
1 Repetition @ 90%
*Rest as needed between sets, while keeping them at 2:00 or less. All percentages are based off our current/estimated 1RM Back Squat, and all repetitions are taken from the rack.*


“Dead Ahead”
4 Rounds: (15min cutoff)
21 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
9 Push Jerks (135/95)

CE – Midline
20:00 Recovery Bike
On the 5:00, 10:00, and 15:00:
20 GHD Sit-Ups
20 Hip Extensions


Olympic Lifting
Pausing Power Clean + Power Clean
7-8 sets within 12min

On the pausing power clean, we have three distinct pauses. Hold in each for a solid two seconds before continuing.
Pause #1 – Knee Level
Pause #2 – Mid-Thigh (jumping position)
Pause #3 – Quarter Squat (receiving position)

At knee-level, we are looking for vertical shin bones. With the pause, we can check in here to ensure. By moving into a vertical shin position, we’ll find our shoulders over the bar, and our hamstrings engaged. This maximizes our power and a crucial position to hit on the movement. On the second pause at mid-thigh, we are looking to be squeezing the lats down. Close the armpits. By firing the lats, we’ll keep the bar tight to the body. Also in this position, push your knuckles to the floor. Here is where it’s common to see a slight arm bend. Go the otherway, and push our knuckles down to maintain position. In the quarter squat receiving position, here’s our catch. Weight back towards the feels, rigid midline, and elbows high so that the bar is on the shoulders, not the wrists.¬†Percentages are intended to be light, not getting above 70%. All techique today.

“Double Play”
5 Power Snatches (115/80)
10 Overhead Squats (115/80)
15 Hang Power Cleans (115/80)
20/15 Calorie Row
50 Double Unders


“Goat Day”
On the Minute x 20
Odd: Movement 1
Even: Movement 2
*This day can be used as a skill practice day or a cardio day, you pick the movements. Everything is free game. Below is an example of how you could structure this workout.*

### Practice Option:
On the Minute x 20
Odd Minutes: 30 Seconds Double Under Practice
Even Minutes: 3-6 Handstand Push-ups

### Cardio Option:
On the Minute x 20
Odd Minutes: 15/12 Calorie Bike
Even Minutes: 0:45 of Sit-ups


*Even if you are not signed up for the Open, you can still come to class and treat this workout like a normal, weekly workout! We will have classes at 515am, 945am, and 430pm. Begin warming up when you arrive.*




For Time
100 Double-Unders, 50 Reverse Lunges, 25 Pushups
80 Double-Unders, 40 Reverse Lunges, 20 Pushups
60 Double-Unders, 30 Reverse Lunges, 15 Pushups
40 Double-Unders, 20 Reverse Lunges, 10 Pushups
20 Double-Unders, 10 Reverse Lunges, 5 Pushups