Athlete of the Month


For the month of February we chose an athlete that has been working hard since day one. She makes no excuses by coming to the 5:30am class every week. She just competed in her first ever competition, where her and her partner placed first in their division! She’s very eager to learn and to get better. Before 16.2 she practiced double unders for three days straight so she would have them down by go time.  She’s a great example of the kind of drive everyone should have to become a better version of themselves. For the month of February we chose…Lorie Longshore! Congratulations!



For the first month of 2016 we chose an athlete who initially doubted her ability to participate in CrossFit. She told herself she would try it for a month to see if she could do it, three months later she is still going strong. She dedicates so much time to getting better. She does not quit and she is willing to try anything once. She is encouraging and inspirational. For the month of January we chose…Gail Clymer, who has also signed up for her first CrossFit Games Open! Congratulations!



For the final month of 2015 we chose an athlete that always walks through the door ready to give 110%. She comes in ready to learn and execute. She constantly stays past class to practice a new skill or work her technique. She encourages other athletes to push harder or compliments them after watching them kick butt in a difficult WOD. She’s a great example of why the CrossFit community is so awesome because we want to see each other succeed.  When she can’t work out she shows up just to watch the WOD. She has twin girls and still makes time to work out and reach her goals. She is a great pick for the last month of 2015. Congrats Hailey Farmer on being December’s athlete of the month!

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For the month of November we chose an athlete that gives 110% in all she does.
She is here everyday with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She hits two-a-days
consistently and is always striving to improve or push a little bit harder. This person welcomes everybody with a smile, whether they’re an old or a new athlete. She is constantly asking questions about technique and how to improve. For November’s athlete of the month we chose…J.KING! Congrats Julia!



For the month of October, we chose an athlete that is all about team work, always works hard and is always willing to lend a helping hand. This person never misses a work out, even if they have to come in late at night or early in the morning. Honestly, we can do a lot of bragging on this person, but we’ll just let this message we received from a fellow athlete do the talking…:

“Just my thoughts for athlete of the month…. Bill consistently displays a positive attitude in everything he does. He always puts forth 110% in every workout, and encourages those around him to do the very same; a source of inspiration for everyone. Bill embodies the true definition of a CrossFit athlete; he always strives to achieve his very best and because of that, earned second place in this years War of the WODs, his first CrossFit competition ever! A well deserved, and hard-earned, accomplishment; did not quit even through two first place tie brea
kers! And because of that, Bill was selected as the October athlete of the month.”

Bill Green, congrats on being October’s athlete of the month!



For the month of September we chose an athlete that consistently show ups to kick butt. She’s getting stronger every single day. She’s coachable and doesn’t quit. She shows that she is a team p
layer by always encouraging others around her. She’s always walking through the door with a smile and cracking jokes. For the month of September we chose…Lindsay Gray! Congrats LZ!LG2


For the month of August, we chose an athlete that has been consistently working hard week after week. He is constantly working on his technique. He listens and asks questions. He’s not scared of a little hard work and pain. He’s pushes himself outside his comfort zone and doesn’t quit. For the month of August we chose….Ross Farmer! Congrats!

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For the month of July we chose an athlete that has consistently worked hard for the past few months. We selected an athlete that is constantly asking coaches for feedback and advice. She fights hard just to make it to class each day and always walks through the door with a smile on her face, even though she may be a little late… ;). For the month of July we chose an athlete that has made a lot progress since her first day. Congratulations Lindsey Blair!



For the month of June, we choose an athlete that has worked hard for every goal that she has accomplished. She has been getting stronger and faster everyday. She works o
n all of her strengths and weaknesses with diligence. She’s always willing to learn and never quits, no matter how bad it hurts. She’s constantly pushing herself to better than the day before and she is always striving for excellence. For the month of June we chose… Heather Lehner! Congrats Heather!



For the month of  May  we chose an athlete that shows up for EVERY 5:30am class. He’s consistently getting faster and stronger. He’s always the first one to write his score on the board after class and he always has a positive attitude. If there is ever a coach running late he takes the initiative to write the WOD on the board. He’s never the one to back down from a challenge. For the month of May we choose an athlete that is an original Wolf Pack athlete… Chad Barbee! Congrats Chad!



For the month of April we chose an athlete who has been working harder than ever these past few months. Every WOD he gives it his all and after every WOD he cheers on others around him. He shows up an hour before class to put in extra work. He never misses a day in the gym. He walks in with a positive attitude and an awesome mindset. For the month of April we chose….Dillon Price! Congrats DP!

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For the month of March we chose an athlete that has worked hard for everything she has accomplished. She hit several PRs during the Open. She is in thegym 5-6 days a week and she never lets anything stop her from getting a workout, even if she forgets her shoes! She pushes herself and others around her to be better. She always walks in the gym wearing the biggest smile and a lot of pink 😉 For this month we chose the person responsible for Rx++… Caroline Wilson! Be sure to read all about her success on our Testimonial page! Congratulations Caroline!FullSizeRender-1


For the month of February we chose an athlete that hasn’t given anything short of his best. We chose a guy that comes in on his lunch breaks and then again later that day. He shows up to different classes just to watch and encourage other athletes. He has a desire to get better and is willing to work HARD to get there. For February we chose an athlete who recently killed his 15.1 workout… Chase King!



For the month of January we chose an athlete that always works hard, always shows up with a good attitude, and is dedicated. We chose an athlete that never gives up and finishes the WOD, even after the time cut off. He always comes in cracking jokes and giving every
one a good laugh. For the month of January we recognize the recently crowned double under king….Tyler Brown! Congrats Tyler!


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