Coralie & Jon


So, Jon and I are EXTREMELY shy, quiet people (introverts’ curse, I guess). It takes us a while to acclimate to people and new surroundings, but once we do, you can’t get us to be quiet. While we were living in Cincinnati, some friends of ours kept telling us we need to try CrossFit for the friendships and community once we moved back to Huntsville/Madison/Decatur. We were skeptical… at first.

Jon and I have been trying to start a family for five years; Jon and I currently going through IVF treatments. One thing a doctor told me in Cincinnati, while we were still living there, was that I had to eat better and exercise more. So, I knew I wanted to start a new exercise routine once I moved back here. I tried Pure Barre and Bikram Yoga, which were ok, but Jon and I wanted something we could do together. Again, our friends told us to try to Crossfit. So, I told them, “Here are the local CrossFit places, and let me know which one looks the best.”She got back to me the following day and said CrossFit Madison. Man, we are so thankful we listened to her.

We started April 2015. The first people we met were Sarah, Cicely, Jane and April. I’m pretty sure people thought we were weird, never talking, keeping to ourselves. But, that changed quickly. I don’t think we’ve ever felt so welcome in a place before. We have made so many friends in the year that we’ve been at CrossFit that I can’t imagine life without y’all. We even play on the co-ed softball team!! Oy vey!People just keep encouraging us to do better, it’s addicting. Because of that, I really try to encourage everyone else, too, which is completely out of my comfort zone, normally. It’s such a good feeling to the point that I go for the people, the workout is just a bonus (an exhausting bonus, but I digress…)!

I appreciate all the help I get to make me better, especially from the coaches and CrossFit veterans. They’re always willing to push me and show me proper ways to go further (like Brad and Chase helped me with my deadlifts and hook grips… I got a PR of 245lbs! Thanks guys!).

Our lifestyle has made a complete 180 degrees because of CrossFit. We’re more food-conscious; food that was once appealing, we’re like umm…no. We constantly have to buy clothes for Jon every month because it’s all too big within that time span. It’s crazy, in a good way, and expensive. Clothes that have been too tight on me are now starting to become too loose on me where I even have to consider going clothes shopping.In a span of 40 days ( I did the Adonis challenge to track progress), I lost 2 inches around my waist. Even my family back home in Baton Rouge is in awe of how far we’ve come.

So, if you ever see me walk in, all quiet, it’s not a snub. It’s just me, being an introvert, but I am trying to be better about it. We still haven’t had the chance to start a family, yet, but I feel thatwe’re in a better position now to make things happen with IVF because we are much healthier and we have a family that support us, and for that, I am forever grateful.