Jane Baucum

December 2014 I wanted to find a hobby or interest that I could share with my Daughter who who was finishing her Senior year of high school and would be going off to college soon. The idea of having more Mom and Daughter time and losing weight sounded appealing. I hated the way I looked in pictures, I wanted to change. I heard some buzz about CrossFit and after researching affiliates in the area, we registered for CrossFit classes at Empire Fitness & CrossFit Madison.

Weighing in at 189 lbs, a size 14, 45 year old women that was just released from physical therapy after shoulder surgery I/we attended the CrossFit 101 introductory class. The class was educational and the movements seemed fun, but what really impacted me were the coaches. These sculpted, fit coaches were interested in working with me. They were ready to spend time coaching me and helping me realize my own potential.

Fifteen months later I can proudly say I am an athlete. I go to class 4 to 5 times a week and I eagerly support and welcome the newcomers. Most of my out-of-gym time is spent with my fellow athletes and coaches who are now my friends – they are my biggest gains. Of course I do enjoy the side affects of my training as well. I’ve lost 35lbs, I’m a size 10 now and when I shop for clothes they all fit and look good on me. I eat 95% clean and my psoriasis and cholesterol issues are gone. I’ve lost countless inches and body fat. I feel good and look good in pictures.

My journey has to turned into a lifestyle. This experience has not only been life changing for me, but also for my Daughter who works out at college five times a week and also eats clean. I am proud to be a good role model for my kids.
I am as fit right now as I was when I served on active duty for the United States Army. My favorite movements are push-ups and overhead squats.